The Man UTD Lost to Barcelona and Here is the Reason Why

The match between Manchester United and Barcelona was full of excitement and surprises. This was the important match for both team and thus, the spirits were high. In the match, the club Manchester United did all that they could. And maybe this is the saddest facet of the 1-0 home defeat of the team against Barcelona.

The players of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer worked really hard, ran really fast on the ground and in front of them it appeared like they need it over the five-foot-somethings but nothing saved their win.

But, sometimes you need talent and just the attitude is not enough to win matches like football. Since 2005, for the first time – a 113 run game Manchester United was unable to have a shot on goal in the match of the Champions League. Talk about completed tackles (15-10), interceptions (9-4) and aerial duels (11-7), the team of United was confident and were dominant, but, when the man in a red entered in the final third, the whole thing.

In the 12th minute, Barcelona came in good form all because of the ball coming from Sergio Busquets that Michael Carrick used to play regularly before he switched to coaching badges from controlling matches position. Till this time, everything was predictable and look like what it seems to be. The pass of Busquets found Lionel Messi with needed space in the area, but in spite of an unexpectedly not a good first touch, the ball crossed to Luis Suarez, who waggles home with a little effort from Luke Shaw.

It was almost the two moments of quality-two players of Barcelona’s dovetail deftness and vision clearly learnt their business in La Masia. This was not only disappointing for the team of Manchester United, but for fans as well.

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