25 thoughts on “Ruud van Nistelrooy – Best Goals for Man Utd

  1. He always looked like he had acres of space in the box, sign of a true
    genius being able to find space when there is none. Top striker. 

  2. messi must prove his skills in this hell epl….bbva league very soft
    compare to this competitions……

  3. 4:42 – one of the best goals of all time. The finish at the end while
    looking simple was one of the most sublime finishes after a huge run.
    Great player.

  4. Best striker we had since cantona and no one been better since. Much better
    finisher then Rooney rvp 

  5. As a United fan when he was in the starting line up I had full confidence
    that we could beat absolutely anyone

  6. Im an Ajax man but Ruud was always one of my favorite players. Best striker
    in the box ever. I admire his passion and detirmination. And fantastic
    personality as well. What can we say, he is great in so many ways :)

  7. We had a similar guy to Van Nistlrooy his name is RVP but he has been out
    of form and is filled with injuries sadly. We need a poacher just like him 

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