25 thoughts on “Andreas Pereira – The Future of Man Utd – Best Goals, Passing & Skills 2014 pt1 [HD]

  1. Thank you for making this video, Andreas Pereira is our future with Januzaj
    both are the most talented of their generation.

  2. LAM, Lingard – CAM, Pereira – RAM Adnan, and ST Welbz (because he is dat
    guy) Even ekangamene in the CDM. Make it happen Moyes 

  3. He is ready for the first team anytime. Special talent like januzaj. Moyes
    musy be brave enuff to let him play. How are cleverley or fletcher or even
    carrick in the 1st team but not perreira is beyond belief. Yes, he is young
    and so is januzaj. Perreira reminds me of pogba when he is still 18. Pogba
    is destined to be a world class midfielder that man utd reali2 need but we
    let him go. I hate pundits n managers talking about experience but class,
    talents and skills is forever. Let him start n I guarantee man utd will not
    regret. Just a shout out on cleverley: hey cleverley, pls be realistic, b
    brave enough n admit that u r not good enuff for man utd. A lot of man utd
    fans had enuff of u. Pls admit n don pretend as if u r united quality. For
    goodness sake, u even haf fans creating petitions against u. That shows how
    bad u r. U r just dumb n stupid to think highly of urself. 

  4. i change my mind…this kid is a carbon copy of januzaj….he’d be perfect
    to play alongside the likes of powell or carvalho or kroos in the united
    middle…in the future…but one thing is sure the united academy is
    churning out better talents than the likes of ajax and barca….another
    thing we can thank fergie for (Y)

  5. what player, has a similar style to koke if you’ve seen him. he should be
    in the first team. but we already have Mata, Rooney, and kagawa who play
    that position already

  6. +99corrigan1 hey, mate great vid, was wondering if you could do a vid on
    this swiss kid we apparently have signed at the end of his contract. His
    name is Dimitri Oberlin Mfomo, meant to be a wonderkid or something. I
    understand if you can’t, great videos though thanks for the effort.

  7. you is amagazim editor ily too 🙂 thks my friend for video kisses kieran
    🙂 selena fan :)

  8. Interesting…. The reserves and youth teams play better than the actual
    first team……

  9. This kid is going to be special.-Can’t wait for him to get the call up to
    the senior squad…

  10. Great prospect with outstanding potential – but very inconsistent. He needs
    to be performing each & every game, and doing it over the course of the 90
    mins. That’s my only problem with him really.

    I can’t decide who I’d compare him to, there’s a bit of a young Scholesy in
    there, but he has more of an athletic build & skills. But like Scholesy,
    he’s got a terrific passing range, an eye for goal, can drift in for
    headers (arguably Scholes’ most under-rated ability!), but most of all like
    Scholes (and Xavi), his awareness is stupidly good. How many times did you
    see Scholes get tackled when under pressure? Pereira’s got that same
    natural talent, but he uses a bit of trickery to get himself out of the

    While talking about Scholes, Pearson’s more like Scholes in his later
    years. Can dictate tempo, gets forward when he feels it’s right, sends
    passes left, right & centre and he takes no shit in the tackles (although
    wins far more than Scholes!).

  11. Expecting to see him make the step up to the first team next season, I pray
    Moyes brings him on the pre season tour 

  12. for an 18 yr old …his ball control is majestic…with the right
    guidance…he can reach the levels of kaka and ronaldinho….amazing

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