25 thoughts on “Man Utd’s Juan Mata takes on the bwin Corner Kick Challenge

  1. The Juan Mata corner challenge.
    He is just one of the most accurate attacking midfielders ! Amazing shots !

  2. Man united should uave bought vidal he is more agressive like a pitbull and
    can score amazing goals yes mata is good but vidal is just as good but with
    more tenacity

  3. i agree with previous comment. Too many cuts. Its hard to see whats going
    on. Just keep it on the long shot so we can see whats fucking happening!!
    It doesnt have to look like a Tarantino film!

  4. 2012: takes corner which leads to drogba equaliser in champions league final
    2013: takes corner leading to ivanovic scoring europa league winning header

    he knows how to take corners 

  5. Am I the only one that noticed that when he kicked the last ball it was
    white, yet they showed a yellow one hitting the back of the net

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