Man United Mark Return To Football Of Women With A New Opponent Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson drove to distraction by one thing only and that is the rivalry of Manchester United with other top teams. From putting efforts to “knock the team Liverpool off their perch” to “noisy neighbors” the Manchester City and a competition with Arsenal, which “made the Premier League”, Ferguson understands that staying at the forefront of his enemies would take his team to new heights.

Similarly, beating the team of Manchester United gave inspiration for their opponents. The same kind of competition is now flourishing in the game of women when United made the decision to introduce a women’s side after the long break of 13 years. And this truly a great and inspiring move for women’s football team.

In this season, the team will work in the FA Women’s Championship, this is the division below Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City, and however, the best part is they will get the first chance to assess themselves against the Merseysiders in the Continental Cup.

Casey Stoney, the new United head coach of Manchester United said the football team of Women is “desperate”. They now want to show its talent and do not want to lose at any cost. He also wants to go “one better” than City. The City along with Chelsea, have been dominating the force in the domestic game in the recent seasons held.

The women’s team on the other hand is highly enthusiastic to show its strength to the world. Their coach is working hard for the team, to bring out the best out of them. So, is that we now begin to see the kind of rivalry that provides profiles as well as the extra edge to the women’s game in the coming time?

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