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  1. He signed stupid players that changed nothing. Van persie is just saying as
    it is, moyes is inept with tactics and one dimensional.

  2. He moved into the job July 1. How much time does he need to sign players.
    He got one (the wrong one) from his former team.

  3. EVERYONE ASKS YOURSELVES THIS QUESTION: ” Moyes were still at Everton will
    they be challenging for 4th place?”

  4. United’s problem started when they employed a manager that has never won
    anything. No top European club would ever do anything other than go for a
    proven top manager. How can Ferdinand and Van Persie possibly respect
    someone who is not proven himself. The top Utd players apart from Rooney
    (who has been paid a fortune to stay,) know there is no European cup next
    year which means there is little chance of top players signing. No matter
    what anybody says Moyes inherited a side that finished 2nd in the league
    the year before, and were Champions last season. Those are positions in the
    league Moyes himself has never even occupied. 

  5. The best synopsis I’ve heard yet on #MUFC and David Moyes from Richie
    Sadlier from Irish Television – #RTE . Common sense and well thought out.

    “What is David Moyes’s stamp”

  6. It doesn’t mean that every time a new manager comes in, the entire squad
    has to be overhauled to his players. Especially not a championship squad.
    That would be ridiculous.

    Everton didn’t need a overhaul to maintain their standard. Neither did Man
    City, Chelsea or Bayern Munich.

  7. I have to say I agree with the first guy.-His point about there not being
    any signs as to how the team is going to get better is so true.-As a United
    fan who has watched every game this season.-I can’t tell you that I’ve seen
    a style or a way of play that Moyes wants to go with.-Maybe except his
    route 1, out-dated tactic of get it wide and get it in.-I understand that
    this is not his set of players.-But as a manager it is his job to motivate
    these players and get the most out of them.-And this is something he has
    not done.-He needs to show he can use what he has in front of him and get
    the most he can out of them.-A great manager gets his players to play his
    way even if he didn’t pick them.-I think he has lost this team.-And it’s
    not worth giving him all this money to buy players.-He hasn’t shown that he
    has a plan for this club.-He has only shown that he is completely out of
    his depth tactically, organizationally, and as a manager.-And I truly
    believe throwing money at him will just be throwing money down a
    rabbit-hole and hope to find gold…



  9. I personally believe that United have been poor, simply because the team
    are poor, they have old players that aren’t very good (Ferdinand, Carrick,
    Evra) they have younger players that aren’t very good (Cleverly, De Gea,
    Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Buttner) the aforementioned players simply aren’t
    very good, and never really have been, another factor is that Ferguson had
    an aura about him, you respected him, no one respects Moyes, simply because
    his achievements have been poor at best; bringing in Fellaini was stupid,
    and 37 million on Mata was relatively poor piece of buisness, Mata doesn’t
    fit in the system if everyone is fit, Mata is a #10, Rooney is a #10 they
    cant play both.

  10. No you idiot united glory fans its your crappy players van persie and
    Rooney vidic etc. He is a great manager if your shirt players had played as
    well as they played against Bayern your club would be on top I feel bad for
    Moyes united fans(not all) have to be the worst bullying him for the
    players underperforming this year to save themseles for the world cup 

  11. “The only way and a club with less talent can win is if they out work the
    better club.” – Jimmy Murphy (paraphrased)
    Too often this season United was out worked. They lack the needed desire
    against lesser clubs. I don’t care what anybody says, but no way Everton
    has a better group of players than United.

  12. I think Moyes should have another season but currently the style of play
    MUFC are playing is boring and predictable..

    These players won the league, they aren’t that bad.. Swansea (No
    disrespect) aren’t great or as good as United player wise.. but they play a
    hell of a lot better football than us..

    It’s ok giving him time and letting him bring in great players but will he
    know what to do with them? will he have them playing in the right system..

  13. I agree with Sadlier here, there’s a massive risk leaving millions in the
    hands of a manager that might not be competent to spend that money wisely.
    Let’s not forget David O’Leary, if ever there was someone who
    single-handedly dismantled a club, it was that guy. If you give Moyes time,
    on evidence, you have to drop expectations. Which is very close to a drop
    in standards. No club can afford this kind of decline

  14. Good point about what Moyes brings to the table and whether or not anyone
    can actually articulate it seems to be utterly ignored by the older pundits
    for the duration of the video. 

  15. A really good debate with different views well represented, one of the best
    on the internet on the subject.

  16. The funny thing is that as an Everton fan , that opening tirade could have
    been about us the past 2 or 3 season . Enjoy ‘ safety’ moyes , Plan A dont
    lose . Plan B not included , attacking football sold separately , no
    refunds or returns .

  17. A really good point I would’ve brought up was, Liverpool were in a similar
    position last year under Rodgers. Now look at them.

    Liverpool were shit (they wasn’t champions the year before) but still, they
    were really off the pace. Rodgers, with a limited budget needed a few
    players, but wasn’t gonna have the time and backing to do that with so
    little money and only one January transfer window. Not to mention at this
    point they still had players like Joe Cole lingering around (exactly what
    Moyes is facing).

    So what he does is.. signs Sturridge and Coutinho for £12m and £8m and off
    loads the shite. Which results in Liverpool than going on to having Top 4
    form for the rest of the season in 2013. And lets not forget, on the 1st of
    January 2014, Man United were 2 points off Liverpool.

    What Moyes did was buy a player for £40m+ (Mata) who occupies the position
    is best player already plays in (Rooney). So what the young lad was saying
    about “why should he get the £100m+ in the summer” is spot on, he
    shouldn’t. A good manager is one who can show you that he is going to
    improve, like Rodgers did. He said “here is what I did when things were
    looking bad, give me the money and I will show you something good”. And
    he’s about to become a Premier League winning manager!

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