25 thoughts on “Manchester United Vs Sunderland 2-1 23 January 2014 (goals and Penalty Shootout)

  1. even if Hernandez leaves United, he’ll still be an average forward. He’s
    just a poacher, nothing more

  2. As a MUFC fan, think these penalties sum up our season – lack of confidence
    and technique.

  3. Shocking defending,great result though.22-1-2014 will always be in my heart

  4. Idk what happened to MU lol. Welbeck, Januzaj, Rafael and even Jones, the
    man who said “I’m determined to snatch the capital one cup” missed all
    their shots. Im with #MCFC but i hope #MUFC gets well soon. cause their
    terribly sick :)

  5. No idea why they thought it’d be a good idea to let Phil Jones take a

  6. He’s big, He’s tall, You’re gonna score f**k all, Petr Cech, Petr Cech
    BUKAN DE GEA !!! :))

  7. That’s what Man U. gets for NOT having more faith in a Mexican! F@ck the
    nay sayers…

  8. Maybe football fans still discuss MU lost to Chelsea … and now appeared
    again lost to sunderland ….

    Why we are busy discussing a natural thing? :’)

  9. YES!!SUNDERLAND GET IN THERE!(I am a sunderland supporter)!and I like
    supporting sundrrland!

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