25 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Liverpool 2014 FULL MATCH (HD) Final International Champions Cup 2014

  1. Short Highlights HERE!
    Manchester United vs Liverpool 2014 3-1 All Goals & Highlights ~ Final
    International Champions Cup

  2. I’m american and new to football (yes football not soccer) and I’m really
    becoming a Man U fan, proud to be part of a great fan base #GGMU

  3. I hate it how people say the world G like a H. Ruud Hullit?? Louis van
    Haal??. its so annoying XDD

  4. Just listen manks we’re won it 5 times and United have to cheat to win like
    I mean howerd web is a refferee and a mank I wonder y a

  5. why mourinhoo sell juan mata???….this guy is awesomeee…….30goal this
    new season for that guy…….believe mee……….

  6. Man U will not get in top 4 this season. Man c or arsenal top or second
    then Chelsea , Everton, liverpool. 

  7. Manchester United vs. Liverpool on right now! About 20 min remaining in the
    Match. To the Winner is the Guinness International Champions Cup 2014. 

  8. Rip Steven Gerard,they can only beat Cardiff city in a final
    Bahahahahahahahahaha Liverpool

  9. Glory Glory Man United!!! Liverpool will be taken out likewise in the
    EPL!!! #MUFC is back bitches!!!

  10. Its not even a penalty! he clear gets the ball first…that little headless
    chicken sterling is diver. learning from gerrard i see.

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