25 thoughts on “Transfer Talk | Man Utd bid £27m for Luke Shaw

  1. where is “everything u need to know about messi in 60 seconds or less”
    video ?

  2. Stupid amount of money for Shaw…..
    27.5mil for Fellaini and 30mil for Shaw? Man U. need to get their heads

  3. Why would Ancelotti leave Real or get sacked respectively. He’s doing such
    a great job!

  4. Give Cleverly away for free to Everton as a present because hes shit, and
    then offer them money to buy Coleman who is the best RB in the world .

  5. this video should be called:
    Transfer Talk | Luke Shaw set to abandon all ambitions and destroy his

  6. £60m for Pogba!?! The dude’s a great player and will probably improve but
    man that’s way too much! Juventus would be more than getting their moneys
    worth in that deal

  7. tello would be an brilliant signing for liverpool, his very very fast and
    also a good finisher 

  8. 30 million for 18 year old defender. I know luke shaw is talented but still
    its way too much even for a world class defender at his peak. 

  9. Leo Messi to join Old Trafford squad or Real Madrid for 150-250 mil. £ ? He
    still hasn’t arrived to a agreement with the Catalan team !

  10. I hate the newspapers so damn much :/ Shaw (a Chelsea fan) getting paid
    £40k a week more than Januzaj. Cavani joining United even though we have 4
    fucking strikers and no European football so we dont even need more squad

  11. Barca can fuck off. Take Danny Rose if anyone. Vertonghen is a Tottenham
    player. Stop selling our best players Spurs. 

  12. Mats Hummels 30 M, Luke Shaw 30 M. Something here doesn’t seem right….

  13. Have you heard of Ciro Immobile maybe going to Borussia Dortmund? Nuts!

  14. hopes united buy alex song. we need a midfield muscle unlike fellani who
    can link welll with rvp. also 30mil for shaw? with 100,000 wages ? crazy !
    i rather spend the whole 30mil on david alaba or even sure we can find a
    decent left back for cheaper. 

  15. As a barca fan we need to spend a lot this summer and buy in bulk, because
    we will get banned soon and we won’t be able to buy for a while. And the
    president has said we will be spending a lot of money. So im expecting 4/5
    players maybe more.

  16. I think 30 million is a lot to pay for a teenager. I mean Man. City, Real
    Madrid, PSG, Monaco and Chelsea spend mounds of cash to buy players and
    people only get super judgemental when United do it. I know historically we
    haven’t been a club that goes big on spending, but times have changed
    greatly and it’s harder to consistently produce homegrown world class
    talent. We are in desperate need of a replacement for Evra. Our intention
    is to buy a full time replacement and not a back up. All these other money
    loaded clubs buy players that they don’t even need. Like Bayern for example
    buying Thiago and Gotze when they already have Lahm (has become a CDM
    recently), Schweinsteiger, Javi Martinez, Kroos, Muller, Robben and Ribery
    in their midfield. Yes they have unbelievable squad depth but it’s a very
    competitive team to make it into and they didn’t really need those extra

    We only get grief from everyone because everyone who isn’t a United fan
    hates us and wants to see us fail because we’ve had all this success in the
    past 20 years and they don’t want to see us on top again and everyone knows
    with a good manager and buying top players we can reach the top once more.

    But back to the matter at hand, Shaw has played very well this season and
    can only get better. The only justification there is for such a hefty price
    tag is that he’ll be a starting full back for the next decade. So assuming
    he’ll stay for 10 years or more that’s only 3 million a year for his
    transfer fee and United is a club which generates millions upon millions in
    revenue. So in retrospect it’s next to nothing for United to buy him. But
    yes, 30 million in general is a large sum of money for a teenager. 

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