25 thoughts on “Top 5 Problems Van Gaal Needs To Solve! | Manchester United

  1. The prospect of our season rests squarely on whether we get a couple of top
    defenders and midfielders.

    However, with the current crop, Van Gaal will mercifully be able to get us
    4th place unlike his predecessor.

  2. There absolutely nothing in rooneys contract about him being captain

  3. The most important thing for us is that Holland need to go out in the group
    stage in the world cup, so Van Gaal can come quickly and sort us out.
    Imagine of Holland get to the final, its just going to delay Van Gaal

  4. Rooney said for the BBC that he wants the captaincy but will understand if
    he doesn’t get it because RVP was captain for Arsenal and captain of

  5. This sounds just about wright, great video, hopefully LvG sees this video

  6. Van gaal doesnt always play 4-3-3 in the friendly against ecuador he played
    a 3-5-2. So if he knows the 4-3-3 is not working then he will change it up.

  7. Moyes left us in a bit of a state…but what are the Top 5 issues LVG needs
    to solve to turn things around at Old Trafford? Give us a like and a
    comment…it really helps!

  8. We are in Europa

    The article claims UEFA regulations forbid teams from taking part in UEFA
    competitions when their country has issues of civil order.

    Shakhtar Donestk and Dnipro finished first and second, therefore earning
    Champions League spots while Metalist Kharkiv, Dynamo Kiev and Chornomorets
    finished in the top five and gaining a Europa League place.

    Should all five be kicked out then the places could be offered to the
    countries with the highest UEFA coefficient – currently Spain and England.

    That in theory would see Sevilla and Everton – sides who finished just
    outside the Champions League places – promoted to the competition while
    Valencia and Man Utd would take their places in the Europa League.

  9. Rooney said in an interview to “the guardien” that he dosn’t have any
    problem with RVP being the captain…..

  10. oh thank god, i was suffering from FullTimeDevils withdrawal haha

  11. Did you guys hear anything about Mata? they say LVG wants to sell him which
    is bad shit crazy!!!

  12. 4-3-3

    Forwards: Reus Van persie Nani
    Midfielders: Muller, Rooney (Just behind Van Persie), Janujzai
    Defenders: Shaw Benati or Hummels Jones Rafeal
    GoalKeeper: De Gea

    Subs: Hernandez, Welbeck, Lindergaard, Valencia Kagawa

    Something Like this would be great

  13. Still can’t believe he stopped United going for Kroos, yet he wants
    Fabregas? Wtf. I’d take Kroos over Fabregas any day, he’s younger, cheaper
    and there isn’t much difference in quality atm and Kroos still has
    potential to improve.

  14. People like Ashley Young and Tom Cleverly are just simply not good enough
    to play for Manchester United, you could go through the top 25 players in
    Europe and we would be lucky to have 1 player in there. My point is that we
    are Man Utd, we HAVE to have strong players on the pitch and on the bench 

  15. If Van Gaal plans on selling Mata… he darn right better be able to convince
    Rooney to move into a box to box role which he is capable of being one of
    the best at. I think Kagawa could also profit and we could actually finally
    see the best of him, we still need a CDM, a centre back and 2 fullbacks on
    either side though.

  16. I’m wondering if the club were to be offered 40 Mil or more for Rooney from
    the nouveau riche French clubs, for example, would they sell him? 

  17. Biggest problem will be the British media & pundits including gary neville
    being so eager to jump on LVG’s back over him being harsh on the likes of
    Rooney, Welbeck, Young and cleverley as they can’t wait to talk up united
    needing a British Manager to handle the PL and British players…..this man
    is going to seriously improve Utd now he’s been given the role from the
    kids up to the first team playing a better brand of football! Actually
    creating English footballers with technical ability as good as our Spanish
    and German rivals. Not just the ‘oh Wilson looks like a prospect’ even
    though technically his not that great but actual all round potentially
    great players!! United have always had the quality we just need a modern
    philosophy to the game and that’s what Moyes lacked in abundance and Fergie
    sometimes lacked against the Mourinho’s and Guardiola’s head to head.

  18. I ask myself, what has Phil Neville really done for the club since he was
    brought in by Moyes.. He definitely has to GO! I’d like Paul Scholes to
    stay also. Surely we need a backup RB, and LB. Yes, Evra extended his
    contract by 1 year, but let’s face it, EVRA has become a liability and
    Buttner has a lot of learning to do. I say, Hernandez needs to go, Welbeck
    too. They don’t provide as much as we expect from them. Nevertheless, I
    think Van Gaal will keep them and get the best out of them. Oh and 2 CB’s
    are also required.

  19. GET in a world class mid and a world class defender. get powell in 1st team

    sell: fellani, young, cleverley

    do not get rid of kagawa or herjnandez unless they want to leave 

  20. id rahter scholes as assistant then giggs.love them both but scholes isnt
    afraid to tell the truth about players, where as i think giggs is much
    softer.its a win win anyway

  21. I’d personally combine #4 & #2 and call it the bellend attitude, then move
    it to #1 spot. Everyone with a bellend attitude needs to be kicked out –
    getting rid of certain players (thank fuck Rio’s gone for starters) may
    prove more important than bringing in certain ones.

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