25 thoughts on “Top 100 Man Utd Goals

  1. Rooney’s goal from today would surely be in there, if he’d scored it before
    the video was made.

  2. It’s a shame that Moyes is currently destroying the legacy and heritage
    that Sir Alex used so much of his time to build. 

  3. Phenomenal goal by Ryan Giggs for Number 1. Good luck for the last 4 games
    of the season, Boss!

  4. wow. nice video 🙂 15 minutes wasn’t waste of time at all. you should add
    some more goals from the last 3 seasons. 

  5. Decent vid.but coles goal against barca should be higher imo.the way yorke
    n cole combined to tear barcas defence to shreds was amazing.deffo shudda
    been in the top 10,agree with the number 1 choice though.

  6. Brilliant job with the video, but Cantona’s FK against Arsenal #85.. That
    goal should have been in the top 30 at least since it was the winner in a
    huge game.

  7. Eventhough I disagree with the full choice (where’s Best, Charlton, Law
    etc?) it was great viewing. You’re spot on with Giggs against Arsenal in
    the semi. I was there and I cried when that goal went in. eeeeeeeeeeeeee,
    the good ol’ days!!

  8. Brilliant collection can you please please please repost it without the
    If I want to listen to music I’ll listen to songs I like but when I’m
    watching football and the same for everyone I’ve ever met, the music goes
    off and we enjoy the commentary and atmosphere (Big big part of the game)
    Thank you

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