20 thoughts on “Moyes ‘snubs’ players & is Roy Keane returning to Man Utd? – Paper Talk

  1. Today’s back pages dissect David Moyes’ statement following his sacking by
    Manchester United, and speculate on a possible Old Trafford return for Roy

  2. kean’s just an irish prick , cunt and everyone just hates mourinho yet
    ferguson who is similar in attitude everyone climbed up his fat red arse 

  3. Not Keane the cark scumbag. Anyone but him. He’s a psycho who fights with
    people everywhere he goes. Probably the worst Premier manager ever. And
    he’s not Irish, he’s from caarrrkkk. He’s a pikey.

  4. ManUtd players are like ManUtd fans . . . bunch of douchebags.

  5. Possibly winning the league and having Champions League football next
    season is no harm for the stadium plans at Anfield.

  6. I know SAF fell out with Keane and would hate it if he was to be assistant
    manager but I think Keane will do a mighty fine job!

  7. The bias against Jose is quite alarming and sad (and you call yourself a
    journalist) I would have said the FA charging Jose will open a can of worms
    as any comment can be read as sarcasm but its really about attacking Jose
    and this standard will not be carried to other manager’s comments

  8. Not that it matters, but it was Man Utd that missed 4 penalties in the
    Semi-Final shootout, Sunderland missed 3

  9. Descent guy, lot of respect for him. He just wasnt up to job at top level –
    that simple. Utd were wrong to give him the job and wrong the way they
    treated him on departure. The fact is, Utd are massive both commercially
    and financially all accumulated via performances – under Moyes they were
    terrible so he had to go. Its such a simple decision – no one individual is
    bigger then the club

  10. of course he didn’t thank the players. What did they do for him?…..

  11. Moyes is to blame for all that happened this season, from chasing targets
    he knew he would never get, to firing a successful backroom staff that knew
    how to get the best out of the team. 

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