Mourinho wants more “heart” from United players

Jose Mourinho has dropped hints that he will not shy away from leaving out certain players from the XI who he thinks is not showing sufficient amount of intensity on the pitch and are not playing with the “heart”. The United coach was not in a great mood after his team failed to secure three points against a visiting Crystal Palace yesterday.

It ended up as a scoreless draw which was not an expected result as United was supposed to knock over Palace at home easily. The undesirable and unexpected result meant that United fell behind in the standings and lost their 2nd position in the Premiership to Liverpool who emerged victorious against Watford by a margin of 3 goals.

According to Mourinho, it’s very important to play with tactics and play strategically, but apart from the tactical side, some “heart” is needed as well when you are out there on the ground and he didn’t see that heart from all his players and that has now forced him to contemplate whom does he want to pick and whom does he not want to pick going ahead.

Mourinho reckons it’s very difficult for him to change an individual’s nature overnight. If somebody is the kind of individual who doesn’t believe in showing too much of intensity and is not willing to push a few extra yards, then the only option he has, as a coach, is to pick some other individual to do the job rather than trying to change that individual’s nature.

“We must play with brain, but we must play with also heart and I think there was not enough heart.” Mourinho was quoted saying by Eurosport.com.

“Every individual is different individual. What’s the solution? You cannot change players’ nature dramatically. The solution is that probably I have to make certain choices based on heart.” Mourinho added.

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