Mourinho thinks United needs to be wary of Salah

Jose Mourinho has marked out Mohammed Salah as one Liverpool player who his team needs to be wary of going into the much anticipated clash which is scheduled to take place this Sunday at the Anfield.

Salah is somebody whom Mourinho knows quite well as he was the one who had brought Salah from Switzerland to England, but Salah’s first spell in England didn’t prove to be a fruitful one for him as he was not able to achieve as much success for Chelsea as he would have liked to or as he was expected to. He didn’t get to play too many games for Chelsea and during his two year’s tenure; he spent most of his time away at loan in Italy. Eventually he was sold to the Italian club Roma in 2016.

But just one year later, Salah came back for a second spell in England, not for Chelsea, but for Liverpool and this time around, he was able to live up to the expectations. In the last couple of seasons, Salah has produced the goods for Liverpool on a consistent basis. This season the 26-year old is at the top of the list of the leading scorers in the English top tier.

According to Mourinho, speed was something that Salah had got in the past as well, but in the past, he didn’t have as much of body strength as he has now. Mourinho also thinks that from a psychological point of view, Salah had not experienced a big league when he first landed at Chelsea. He used to play in Switzerland and when he suddenly came across the atmosphere of a league as big as Premier League, it was a little difficult for him to adapt, but now having played in the English and Italian leagues for 3-4 years, he has got adapted and people are getting to see the best of him.

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