25 thoughts on “Manchester United Top 10 Teamplay Goals 2012/13 (HD)

  1. Was that Cleverley?!?! What happened? At least this shows he is certainly
    capable of doing good things on the pitch

  2. Same team. Same players. Different philosophy. Different management.

  3. Difference being that SAF played an attacking style, moyes would play

  4. None of these goals were in the 2013/14 season. Shock horror……

  5. this stresses something completely missing from MU under DM, short passing.
    Its like completely nonexistent under Moyes! Man Utd are not a team that
    relies heavily on crosses. That was gone the moment Becks left

  6. I think the goal vs Man City (we win 3-2, FA community shield) is also a
    good one , it deserves a spot in the top 10 :D

  7. United are becoming a fantastic mid-table side, just like Everton last

  8. 12 more games to go. United can win them all and finish with 78 points.
    That’s at least second place. But that’s not going to happen. United won’t
    even make top 4 in the current state. I have always thought why not
    Mourinho, at least he can guarantee success. Yes he may leave after 3
    seasons but so what, we can get Moyes in then. The whole world knows Jose
    wants to take over Sir Alex. We could have another 3 seasons of success
    instead of transition. Sir Alex made a mistake in this. 

  9. did anyone noticed that every clip in this video got kagawa in it? LET HIM

  10. John Scott shut up Liverpool are rubbish! United have good teams lay and
    all the players are good Liverpool just have 1 player that only just gets
    the ball in the back of the net!

  11. see this is wot pisses me off we have the same team as it is now and we are
    gonna finish fuckin 7th in the league it actually pisses me off how much we
    miss SIR Alex he is just a genius i just hope we do get VAN GAAL. 

  12. Ferguson was a Genius as we can see thank god Moyes is out next season we
    need to make a good comeback

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