Manchester United is the most disliked club from the entire Premier League

Historically, Manchester United is considered to be biggest club as they have won the Premier League title on 13 occasions which is more than any other team. Chelsea are the current champions of England but their recent uprising only started a few years ago when a new owner took charge of the club and started pouring in major cash.

From the looks of it, the number of league titles won makes no difference or impact when it comes to the amount of fans that a club has as Manchester United was voted as the most hated team in the Premier League, this result arrived after a recent poll which was made in the past week.

This poll was made by the British national daily tabloid newspaper The Mirror. Fans were asked which club is their most hated and loved in the Premier League and at the top of the most disliked club was Manchester United while Chelsea came in 2nd place.

At the other side of the poll was the most loved clubs and at the top of this list was located Southampton while in 2nd place was Bournemouth. Swansea City, Arsenal and Everton completed the top 5 spots of this list as the clubs which are most adored in the Premier League.

The results of this poll doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Manchester United is a club which is filled with controversy especially from certain decisions which have been from referees when it comes to home matches being played in Old Trafford.

‘’Fergie time’’ is a phrase that is well known in the Premier League and it refers to a significantly long period of time which was added to the game during matches of Manchester United especially when they were behind in the scoreboard.

Howard Webb is another figure in the world of football who does not have a good reputation and this is due to questionable actions which he has made which has always been in favor of Manchester United as it has allowed the English side on winning particular matches which seemed to have been lost.

These are just a few of the reasons of why Manchester United is not such a liked club despite having won the Premier League title on more occasions than any other club.