25 thoughts on “Manchester United 2012/13 season review (month by month) Part 1/2 [HD]

  1. aston villa , and southampton these games and others was sensational
    comebacks for united , it was an incredible , we can say , those points
    played a big role for the tittle 

  2. great season, but shit camera angle and shit commentary, this commentary is
    like the the 2010-11 season review which was absolute rubbish ! 

  3. We are the Champions, no time for losers, cos we are the champions ,of the
    Top flight!!

  4. I think the guy who kept the secret really is no secret that much.
    Otherwise they would not be kept in secret is simple. But people who used
    to be secret. It’s so confusing But also that some of it was not about me
    or . It’s not a trick to do to be smarter than anyone else. If one does not
    do anything. It starts from the first in what is thought and the thought of
    the results . What to do what to do and finally favored Manchester United,
    it’s a personal reason everyone likes and to the field to appreciate and
    love cheering , encouraging team they like each other and have standing to
    like. the team itself like a wide out. But do not forget that Everyone has
    the right to change Or like a team as well. Are people who like each team
    has a different reason to get out. Finally , encouragement and appreciation
    , or sheer size. Finally, the team and the players who have the power to
    act on all aspects of its own, know yourself and what acts are additional
    techniques that speed up weight as a precise and targeted much. And most
    important is the heart that loves the team and it’s still on the team and
    are willing to take a walk each of the team together. Final games of the
    tournament , everyone is friends every team and every team is a big field
    of sports as a layman and as a society, community and the humane
    compassion. And friends who share the same every day , if any. Not just the
    stadium alone. But to watch the football team. It makes people see the edge
    of the broad viewing audience different content . But it also featured a
    team. The team in the field Someone must or design team . A steady pace to
    score brings to the team as well. Because everyone is a key figure in the
    team. Because everyone is on the same team .

  5. The commentator said the best attack vs the best defence twice the
    commmentators are as shit as hell

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  7. one of the best teams seasons and performances in uniteds history moyes has
    got some work to do to live him to the high standards that ferguson set

  8. Our commentators on MUTV are fucking useless beyond all belief pretty much
    99.9% of the time. If they’d give me a chance I swear, on our chances of
    winning anything else in my life time, I could do a better job. However,
    that Van Persie bit was a rare gem, “THANK GOODNESS HE CHOSE RED OVER
    BLUE”, you almost sounded like a real commentator there lad!

  9. did you notice that we always lose, or draw, or concede a lot of goals
    because of Lindegaard?.. DE GEA IS THE BEST

  10. Who knew that we were looking at our next manager right at the start of the

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