25 thoughts on “Man Utd’s David de Gea in bwin’s Corner Kick Challenge

  1. Wtf anderson got 60…
    i could beat 60… Man U im off contract now, sign me

  2. a goalkeeper beat you anderson
    Why do we have him on our team.

    United actually have had a problem with corners for a while, Here is the
    solution :)

  3. lool dumb fucks actually think anderson was trying his best. when he plays
    and is given a chance he is better than lanki fellani and a great passer of
    the ball.

  4. de gea started as a striker early in his career and scored many goals, he
    said once he discovered goalkeeping, he loved it more. that expalins why
    he’s so good with his feet and at kicking the ball, as well as saving with
    his feet

  5. damm it …another 400 meters tonite n dat damm airplane…..
    jez wuda been sum celebration…..lmfao

  6. He scored both times in last year’s Christmas Challenge, now he beat
    Anderson in the corner challenge. Next time Ashley Young draws a penalty,
    De Gea should take it.

  7. “Play for Real” My sense for subliminal message are tingling

  8. Goalkeepers in England have better technic than offensive players in

  9. I reckon De Gea, Mata and Rooney scored the highest points in this
    challenge. Smalling and Ferdinand the lowest, I swear those two love
    booting the ball into the air and straight at the opposition

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