18 thoughts on “Louis Van Gaal named Manchester United manager

  1. Really hope he brings super talent Mephis Depay with him,
    Kom op LOUIS!

  2. Finally something to look forward too, but lets not get carried away, we
    still have too many number 10s, a very weak defence and we’ll be held to
    ransom over some of the top talent out there because of no european
    football! I hope the love affair with Van Gaal works out in the long
    term but most of all I hope all the players get there arses kicked in the
    summer and start playing for the badge! #unitedforever #thenextone
    #louisvangaal #goodluck your gonna need it!

  3. New manager cool great now you just need an entire new squad. lol love to
    see Man U struggle. Fucking love it. Defeat after defeat. I fucking love it
    man lol

  4. Lets be realistic here, Firstly UTDs first team is in bits, it needs
    players all over the pitch Welbeck is not good enough he’s the same age as
    Liverpools Danny and hasn’t got a patch on him what so ever. So he needs
    replacing, I had high hopes for Hernandez but he has the first touch of a
    rapist. the middle of the park is by far our biggest problem but now having
    lost three defenders we need them replaced too. Van Gaal would wanna be
    getting at least 6 players in this window alone or we could be looking at
    another disappointing season. He seems like a great manager lets hope he
    can bring great footballers with him, remember lads city, liverpool,
    chelsea and arsenal are all going to sign good players too so and all four
    have champions league football next year. Mr Van Gaal would want to have
    these players litterally about to put pen to paper or it will end up like
    last summer when Ed went to finish the urgent business of signing no one at

  5. Van gaal can become a legend at the club within his 1st day in charge by
    telling security at carrington to not let fellani any where near the clubs
    training facilities.

  6. Great News for Manchester United & all footballfans all around the world

  7. Alright. I am an AJAX fan and seasonticketholder for years.

    Man United fans and,and foremost the players, should get ready for an
    immense culture shock.
    Van Gaal will demand the VERY best, from the biggest and best-paid players.
    Read: Rooney!
    If Rooney doesn’t deliver, he will be sitting in the stands during
    matchtime, before he blinks his eyes. If Rooney is fat and lazy, he will be
    out in a minute. Just an example.

    But the best for last:
    Louis van Gaal will be bringing a lot to the table. He will get the most
    talented young players from the Man United academy and makes them stars.
    Count on that.

    Plus, Van Gaal will get Man United to play the golden AJAX style.
    Not like our current AJAX, because we don’t have the money to keep our best
    players, but AJAX from the midnineties. or like his Barca played.
    That is Van Gaal.

    Also: you will get the best and most outragious press conferences you have
    ever seen. Because Van Gaal is, Van Gaal. He is a “strange” man. Let us say
    But one of the best coaches the world has ever seen.

  8. I’ve been following Van Gaal since I was 5 years old, when he won the CL
    with Ajax Amsterdam. Van Gaal always has been a manager who loves to play
    attacking football, and to use young players.
    He won the 1995 CL with youngsters like Seedorf, Kluivert, Davids etc. They
    all became worldclass footballers.
    After that he went to Barcelona. It wasn’t the best fit mostly because he
    had lots of trouble with the Spanish media. You could compare his stay with
    Mourinho’s stay at Real Madrid.
    During his time at Barcelona he used lots of Dutch players but also players
    from the Barca youth like Puyol. He also made Mourinho his assistent, while
    he was just a translator at first.
    After this he went back to Holland and became the coach of the national
    squad. This was his first and only huge failure because he didn’t quality
    for the 2002 world cup. This was mostly because of a bad relationship with
    his players. He then went back to Ajax Amsterdam, to become the technical
    director of football, he left because of trouble with Ronaldo Koeman who
    was coaching the team at the time. After this he went on to coach a
    smaller club in the Netherlands called AZ Alkmaar. They had only won 1
    title in the 80s and they aren’t a big club in the Netherlands. He managed
    to let them play good football and made them champions of the Netherlands.
    After his return to the Netherlands he became the manager of FC Bayern and
    we all know how that went. He won the title and almost won the CL. He lost
    the final to Mourinho’s Inter, his former pupil.
    He then stopped training for a year and then he became the coach of the
    dutch national squad AGAIN. He wanted to make up for the failed
    qualification of 2002. The Dutch squad of 2012 needed new energy because
    the 2002 EC was a totall failure. Van Gaal got the mission to make the
    Dutch national squad a good footballing machine again. He is using lots of
    young players now. Martins Indi, De Vrij, Janmaat, Cillisen, Clasie, Blind
    and Depay are examples of young dutch talents who he has given a chance.
    Van Gaal was also the manager who gave players like Muller, Kroos, Alaba
    etc. a chance at Bayern.

    You can expect a manager who will cause lots of fights with the media. He
    says that the media just has to report about what’s happening and not
    trying to give their own opinion about football because they aren’t on the
    same level as coaches and players. You can also expect a manager who will
    use lots of youth players of ManU. It also wouldn’t be a suprise if Van
    Gaal and Rooney will get into many fights. Van Gaal had his biggest fight
    back in the day with Rivaldo. If Rooney doesn’t bring what Van Gaal wants
    there will be trouble.
    Van Gaal pushes his squads to the limit. That’s why many players get tired
    of him after a few years. So don’t expect him to stay for 10 years. But he
    does win prizes and he lets his teams play good and beautifull football. 

  9. Van Gaal appointment is a first warning for rivals team especially
    Loserpool and Citeh that we will back next season with the bang, cannot
    wait King Louis dust his healing magic on our club which been utterly
    destroy by that Gollum Moyes.

  10. Personally, I’ve had it with Welbeck. He’s pushing 24, he’s no longer a
    young player by any standards and he’s played over 2400 min this season and
    has got only 11 goals to show for it. Fuck him. Dat guy flopped.

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