25 thoughts on “Has LVG been a FAILURE at Man Utd? | #FDW

  1. LvG should be playing this 4-3-3:
    1. Big Dave
    2. Paddy
    3. Jones
    4. Rojo
    5. Shaw
    6. Blind(CDM role)
    7. Herrera(RM role)
    8. Mata(LM role)
    9. Rooney (RW role)
    10. Falcao (ST role)
    11. Di Maria (LW role)

    Stop the long balls, stop playing RVP, and stop using Rooney in midfield.
    Like if you agree. 

  2. Strange that man united are in the the top four with some of their shaky

  3. Being a United fan it is really painful to watch us at the moment, it is
    possibly the worst side performing side in a decade. On paper, with the
    players we have, it should be amazing to be a United fan watching these
    players but our performances have been so dull and laboured. Really
    depressing actually, Van Gaal is constantly messing about with the team and
    it’s costing us points, there’s so many thing Van Gaal needs to change for
    us to be title challengers next season. I really hope we turn this around
    because it’s miserable football at the moment, embarrassing.

  4. Rooney as a striker= 2 goals + 2 assists in 5 games
    Rooney as a CAM = 2 goals + 1 assist in 3 games
    Rooney as a CM= 3 goals + 1 assist in 11 games
    RVP as a str = 9 goals + 2 assists in 22 games
    Falcao as a str= 4 goals + 3 assists in 10 starts
    Conclusion= Play Rooney in an advanced position, cam/striker

  5. Everyone talks shit about us but we’ve had injury after injury, new
    manager, terrible performances, yet we’re still top 4 lol.

  6. I put a bet on Chelsea, Bayern & Atleti to win their respective leagues and
    Real Madrid to win the Champions League. 172/1, not looking too bad at the

  7. Anyone mind explaining to me what they mean by the stereotypical style of
    african football?

  8. 2 day gap between this vid and the last one. You know when I subscribed I
    expected DAILY content but pshhh I’m not complaining or anything ;)

  9. Next year its the title is coming back to the red side of manchester.

  10. 1st team: deGea, Young, Smalling, Shaw, Jones Blind, Carrick, Fellaini,
    Januzaj, Falcao,& Wilson. 2nd Valdes, Rafael, McNir, Blackett, Jones,
    Blind, Mata, Rooney, Valencia, DiMaria, fellaini 3rd Lindegarrd, Evans,
    kellett, Carrick, Jones, Rojo, Herrera, Mata, Pereira, Rooney, Persie,
    The mix is less important then the consistence of start & fitting of parts.
    at the least it is plain 2 see that there are some big holes & weak spots
    even trying 2 get 2 solid teams. 

  11. 1.Chelsea 2.Man City 3.Arsenal 4.Liverpool

    Liverpool are actually playing very good recently and Sturridge is back and
    he showed what he could do when he came back against West Ham and Spurs.
    Also Man Utd got lucky in a lot of their games. Southampton is also gonna
    start slipping because of depth and fitness issues.

  12. Agree with Dave, Toure has been a huge huge miss – makes us tick. Don’t
    write us off yet though! Yet…

  13. i’m sad that juve-milan, what used to be a huge game in serie a, doesn’t
    even get a mention

  14. What I predict
    1. Chelsea
    2. Man City
    3. Arsenal
    4. Man Utd
    5. Tottenham
    6. Liverpool
    8. West Ham

    What I want (Spurs fan)
    1. Man City
    2. Chelski
    3. Tottenham
    4. Southampton
    5. Arsenal (Europa league)
    6. Liverpool
    7. Man Utd
    8. Not West Ham – they can get relagated for all i care and play in the
    Olympic Stadium in the championship

  15. Squawka Dave is clueless. After a couple of bad games you outline Varane as
    not good enough? You kidding me? The person who shouts ‘HE SHOULD GO TO MAN
    U’ every time a big name is being mentioned. Geez. You can make a case for
    any team and any player but accuse a team of not being good enough merely
    after a small string of bad performances is clueless. 

  16. 1. Chelsea
    2. Manchester City
    3. Arsenal
    4. Manchester United
    5. Liverpool
    6. Tottenham Hotspur

    I would much rather see Spurs or Liverpool alongside Arsenal in the top 4.
    It would be unfair on so many levels to see United be rewarded a top 4
    space for spending fortunes and yet playing the most banal, lacklustre
    football and still undeservingly grinding out points through last minute
    goals. This is by far the worst United team I’ve ever had the displeasure
    to watch and it pains me to see them in the top 10 because they don’t even
    deserve that. Hopefully Liverpool or Spurs, who play decent football and
    would actually entertain us in the UCL next year, will reach the top 4 and
    thus justice will prevail. I only predict United getting 4th because of
    their fixture list and the fact that they’re the best team at getting
    points through shite performances which has pretty much defined their
    season along with getting bailed out by their GK. Unlucky to West Ham too
    by the way, deserved to win. 

  17. All the Man United fans in the comments saying pogba or varane will go to
    play with Evans blackett and mcnair :’)

    Cue the hate.

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