25 thoughts on “Giggs’ Man Utd dream team

  1. I’d pick Ronaldo as LW and Beckham as RW instead of putting myself on the

  2. I would have:

    1. P. Schmeichel (GK)
    2. Nevile (RB)
    31. J. Staam (CB)
    15. Vidic (CB)
    3. D. Ervin (LB)

    23. Beckham (RM)
    18. Scholes (CM) or Roy Keane (CM)
    7. E. Cantona (LM)

    20. Van Persie (RW)
    10. Ruud van Nistelrooy (CF)
    17. C. Ronaldo (LW)

  3. LOL. Giggs probably forgot about Van Nistelrooy and picked Rooney only
    because it was a name that popped in his head.

  4. so many players not in that team. shows how many great players have played
    for united. Beckham, sir bobby charlton, dennis law, could go on… 

  5. My squad would be more like this:

    GK: Van Der Sar (shoot me lol)

    RB: Phil Neville
    CB: Steve Bruce
    LB: Rio Ferdinand
    CB: Nemanja Vidic

    LM: Ryan Giggs
    RM: David Beckham
    CM: Paul Scholes

    RW: Eric Cantona
    CF: Ole Gunnar Solskjær
    LW: George Best

  6. 1:schemichael
    2:irwin 3: bruce 4:vidic 5: gary neville
    6:c.ronaldo 7: scholes 8: roy keane 7: giggs
    9:cantona 10: ruad van nisteroy
    Van der sar
    Ole gunner solskar

  7. 1. Edwin VDS
    2. Gary Neville 3. Vidic 4. Rio 5. Evra
    6. C.Ronaldo 7. Keane 8. Scholes 9. Giggs
    10. Rooney 11. Andy Cole

  8. Can’t argue with Giggs here. Especially when he said scholes was the best
    player he ever played with.

  9. Imagine this team now with the players being younger…. 😛

    OMG bring me tissues!!! QUICK!

  10. Another appearance from *Giggsy* as he picks his *All* *time* *Manchester*
    *Utd* *XI.*

    Who would be in your XI?

  11. his so called dream team would lose to the invincibles though
    49 49 undefeated 49 49 i say
    49 49 undefeated playing football the Arsenal way!

  12. it is tough to pick one btw schmiechel and van der sar
    and its damn tough to pick two out of becks ronaldo and giggs.
    but every manutd has to have a wayne rooney. no matter who the rest of the
    players are. nobody can do what wayne does for manutd. 

  13. Putting yourself in your own dream team, how selfish do you wanna get -_-
    It sums Man U up!

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