25 thoughts on “FIFA 14: Man Utd Career Mode – Episode #1 – BACK TO DOMINATION!

  1. Do this career mode more, you have already ruined the Reading one with the
    signings you made. 

  2. Don’t do the takeover, that is way too unrealistic, Utd are in debt

  3. Just try to do an all-star team with the financial takeover.
    Go fucking crazy with this career mode. Oh and fuck realism too.

  4. it’s easy for you this career mode becasue its a 5 start team and good
    players 🙁 boring 

  5. Rumour has been that the fckin stingy Glazers are going to give Moyes 100
    mill to spend in the summer, so my vote is yes on the financial takeover!!

  6. There is glitch in the game. I enquired for mangala and they said they
    wanted 22 mil. I gave them smalling + 5 mil and they accepted it !! You
    could’ve got reus and gundogan for way cheaper. At least 15 mil cheaper

  7. “Chris Smalling.. brilliant player.”
    HAHAHAHHAH this guy’s lost the plot.. You talk about getting rid of the
    deadwood, smalling, cleverly and welbeck are the key culprits but you
    decide to keep all of them.. hahahaaha 

  8. I’m sure david moyes doesn’t need help from a nerdy gamer who plays fifa
    all day

  9. i disliked at first because it was man u, but i tried watching it and it
    actually a really good series. Thumbs up :)

  10. its pronounced Gewn-doo-wán not Gon-doe-gan. C’mon matt get it together man

  11. MGH made a better job in 2 weeks than Moyes in the whole summer and january
    transfer time

  12. You actually know nothing about football. Ashley Young is not shit. He is
    inconsistent like Nani. On his day, he is a quality player.

  13. Oh yeah sell the whole fucking club. THAT’S what Moyes should do. You’re
    TOTALLY right.

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