David Moyes soon to be coach of Real Sociedad

A few days ago David Moyes was confirmed to be the new manager of Real Sociedad. The Scottish coach spent less than 1 year in charge of Manchester United after he was sacked due to disappointing and embarrassing results which concluded in a season that the Premier League club failed on winning any major trophies and losing consistently.

During the unveiling of David Moyes as the new coach of Real Sociedad, he took the chance to talk about Manchester United and Moyes hopes that Louis van Gaal can be given enough time to develop the Premier League club and turn it into the title winning team that it was some time ago.

“I still stand by what I said at the time that I was not given enough time at United to succeed or fail. I think there was nothing wrong with how we worked and everyone can see that whoever is in charge at Manchester United, it is quite a long job to do things. Nine months would never be enough time for any manager.I think everybody could see that Manchester United was job that was going to take longer to fix than maybe some people thought’’

“It’s really important now they make sure they give Louis van Gaal plenty of time to get the job done. Because that’s what is needed.” David Moyes said as he stated that coaching a big club such as Manchester United is not an easy task and it takes time for the positive results to show.

Louis van Gaal decided to step down from coaching the Netherlands national football team and take control of Manchester United and the Dutch manager has stated that this has been his toughest job in his entire career and this is coming from a man that has been in charge of top clubs such as: Barcelona and Bayern Munich.