25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo On Angel Di Maria, Man Utd’s Start To Season, Wayne Rooney & Liverpool

  1. the nicest guy portrayed as the embodiment of the Devil by the media. on
    the other hand, there is another guy who is arguably presented as the
    incarnation of every virtue there is in the world. 

  2. he might be a midrid player but his heart is with united its where he made
    his mark on the game. he is the prodigal son. and one day he shall return.

  3. Utd will be out of contention for a top four finish come January as every
    team for now until then know they have the worst defence of the premier
    league. Easy pickings for clubs and a chance for other clubs to gain great
    confidence in going forward against utd as all you have to do is defend and
    hit them hard on the counter attack., If MK Dons and Leicester can beat
    them any one can. Man utd continue to show how amateurish they are at
    bolstering a team that even a kid could see their defence is in taters at
    the end of the transfer window. It was almost comical how they neglected it
    after so many departures in that position. All utd staff is to blame but no
    one takes more blame for united’s demise more than Ferguson, he has
    destroyed that team, he ripped the heart out of it by his sly quitting

  4. He is arrogant, but he has license to be so being the best player in the
    world. All I want for him to do in the near future is to COME BACK HOME!

  5. he isn’t arrogant at all… he’s actually very humble, you can still see
    the little boy from the streets of madeira

  6. I don’t understand his bad rep when he’s so open and positive about his
    former teammates and friends. Other players aren’t like this at all, they
    avoid dealing with the media. This summer when Madrid played United in a
    friendly in the US, when the Real players were walking back from their warm
    up he spotted Paddy Crerand in the tunnel and he turned to Sergio Ramos and
    told him ‘That’s my friend, Paddy Crerand”. Paddy was humbled, he even
    agreed to a short interview for MUTV and didn’t fail to mention how much he
    loved United. Before you hate on him realize what kind of person he truly

  7. A class act in every sense. Hated by jealous arse holes and people with
    personal problems. Top guy. Respect all the way.

  8. He might play for man u again hopefully xD i hav jersey with number 7 on
    the back it says Ronaldo (man u) U legend xD

  9. I don’t get why Real Madrid let Di Maria go, Even if they Bought Rodriguez
    be the Backup to Bale on the Left.
    Di Maria can still play in Midfield they signed Kroos, But then sold Alonso
    so they’re shorter in Midfield.

  10. ”think they’re going to get better?”

    ”fck no.”


  11. He is hated by a lot of people of being the best and celebrating his goals
    but his haters call him arrogant. Cristiano Ronaldo you’re the best and
    absolute one of the nicest person in football. 

  12. calm down people why u getting so hyper over ronaldo. He’s not exactly
    going to marry you is he. He has got someone so much hotter.

  13. Crying just seeing how much we love him and how much he loves us :'((
    Come back home Ronniee .. We’re all waiting for you

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