25 thoughts on “Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd – Wayne Rooney ‘Chelsea Know How To Get Referee On Their Side’

  1. Honestly , this coming from Rooney who was bitching to the ref the entire
    game is pretty pathetic.

  2. The absolute cheek of Rooney saying this when he’s one of the worst at
    trying to get refs on his team’s side

  3. Coming from a united player, under fergie they were the biggest match

  4. You know whos first to shout at the ref when theres a decision against
    their team?

  5. I see the red spot on his forehead is a result of someone punching him there
    Because with a better referee, Man United would finish the game with 10 man
    without De Gea for next week.

  6. Obviously if it was the other way around, Mr. Shrek here would’ve said the
    referee did his job.. Talking about how Chelsea know how to get the refs on
    their side but completely overlooking the fact that De Gea should’ve been
    sent off for handling the ball outside the penalty box…

  7. @AngryTech Yeah it might be boring but it’s a winning formula, so why stop

  8. Chelsea created this the world against us shit to put pressure on refs and
    officials. All that money and they park the bus, it was embarrassing and
    pathetic to see the potential English champions have such a small club
    Can you imagine United, either madrid , munich, barcelona , or even bloody
    york city playing like that on their own turf ??? Look at the way atletico
    madrid tore in Real. Jose is a spoofer and another example to why is is the
    anti football, parking 10 players in front of a keeper is nothing but
    bollocks acting.

  9. Lets not talk about referee’s rooney m8.

    you have no right to talk about the ref when you’re a diving cheat.

    So called England captain is a fuckin fat wanker that dives and also a
    shadow of the player he used to be.

  10. United were the better team yesterday and should’ve won. The only thing you
    could criticise them for is poor finishing, especially Rooney’s chance in
    the 1st half. Congratulations to Chelsea they will the league now, but I
    can’t see Chelsea winning it next season, United are going to be very
    strong and Arsenal are getting better all the time. I reckon United will
    win the league next season, they’ll spend big in the summer to bring in
    what’s needed.

  11. Silly Wayne, we need to take this loss and come back stronger, not blame it
    on the ref 

  12. This coming from a United player? I’ve got nothing but respect for Rooney,
    but does a Howard Webb ring a bell lol?

  13. I dont like chelsea but what rooney said was stupid. As a neutral i thought
    the ref did well.

  14. a player from manchester bloody united complaining about not getting the
    ref on their side?!?! the bloody cheek

  15. clearly all these hating comment come for rooney !! , respcet this alive
    not because he destroyed your teams back nets , but because he’s the
    english team captin, and he has records even your children will not
    witness a player will exceed .
    hazard ? costa? geroid? austin ? kane ? aguero ?
    all those are good now , but they will be never able to be in their form
    for continous 10 years , and their names will be forgetten as years pass
    exept for captin WAYNE ROONEY, and surpise!! hes continuing for next ten
    years as a midfelder

  16. He said he did not see that tackle, and he still went up to ref and
    complain that it should be penalty, and he said that, pathetic shrek

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