16 thoughts on “Adnan Januzaj – Manchester United Young Blood – Goals Skills & Assists – 2013/2014

  1. 19 years old boy.
    Skillful, great ball control, never scare to beat men, can take set pieces,
    knows how to defend. He plays as a winger or attacking midfield.
    The boy who can do anything. His name is Adnan Januzaj.
    Here is the clips of his skills, assists and goals in his first season of
    his professional career with Manchester United.

  2. Big season for him next year.

    Second season’s are usually harder than the first, so hopefully he can rise
    to the occasion.

  3. should take on the number 7 to follow the steps on to be come the next

    edit: amazing video btw

  4. “Adnan Januzaj, tearing teams apart since 2013…”
    Some couple years later, you will all hear it!

  5. nice video bro you should do one to show how shit fellani was for utd last
    season and cleverly hope they knuckle down and look different players for
    14/15 season come on united

  6. great ball control and skillful. He should become stronger when he
    against others defence and improve the crossing skill next season.however,
    he is still young. can’t wait to see him in the world cup 

  7. Hi – I love this video. I was planning to make one of my own and I was
    wondering if it was okay for me to please use some clips of this video?

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