Despite spending much of the season on a see-saw of highs and lows, finishing 6th, the Red Devils luckily found a way into the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.

However, Mou being Mou coupled with delusional fans, religiously suck up to thechest-beating chants of “this was a successful season!” or worst still, “we won three trophies!”

It is really hard figuring out just how the hell gray matter of such proponents sync with reality. Do they honestly lie to themselves and still sleep well at night? We may forgo the “successful season” chants no thanks to how that very word can be annoyingly relative but the “three trophies” crap they’ve got going on? Not a chance.

We are talking of a pre-season match that to qualify meant Louis van Gaal did the job of leading the club to last season’s FA Cup title and they freaking faced a Leicester team who spent the best part of last year battling relegation.

That brings us to the cheap shiny ware tagged the EFL cup whose name has been changed more times we can keep track of. This is a trophy whose very importance fans struggle to define. And let’s not even digress so much into the final that saw them clearly outplayed by Southampton. Continue reading GENUINE GROWTH CANNOT HAPPEN UNDER MOURINHO