25 thoughts on “2007.11.03. Arsenal vs Man Utd

  1. 9:05 that linesman was having a hissy fit over the celebration lol must
    have been a UTD fan in disguise.

  2. My favorite United side. Happy Tevez. Cristiano exploding. Hargo was
    healthy. Man, those were the days

  3. I love Fabregas yelling “fuck off” to Rio after Gallas’s goal. I miss that
    fucker so damn much. 

  4. Can any arsenal fan state 5 world class players.pls don’t state ozil 5
    times as it doesn’t make any sense.take it as a challenge.

  5. Ugh frustrating. It’s always the same. We play really well and we concede
    to a crappy boring cross- tap in goal. 

  6. This squad were the best squad we had since 2005, absolutely brilliant! We
    would have won the league that year had it not been for that Eduardo
    injury! No one can argue about that! 

  7. can think of many worst keepers than almunia..cost arsenal so many points
    over the yrs

  8. Definitely not 2003, sure the emirates was built in 2006? How has no one
    noticed this?

  9. Awe Man I wish the premier League now has games like these the atmosphere,
    the time of day and most definitely a good game like this! 

  10. As a liverpool fan i have to say arsenal should have won the league this
    season, the injury to eduardo really hampered them, and gallas’ unnecessary
    crying, up until that point they were unreal. I remember early in the
    season we drew 1-1 against them at anfield but they played us of the park
    and should have won. fabregas totally dominated the game. Still can’t
    believe a lot of arsenal fans who claim ozil is already better after
    playing a few games and going missing in all the big games.

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