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Louis Van Gaal has credited his players for the revival in form


Louis Van Gaal has credited his players for the revival in form that they have shown in the last few months. The Dutchman was famous for altering the tactics of United to a unique 3-5-2 system with a number of players like Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young being used out of position. After severe criticism that he faced in the first half of the season, Van Gaal is now basking in the glory of being considered as one of the top managers in the league. His United team have achieved wins over Liverpool and Tottenham when these teams were in form.

This has propelled them towards sealing a top four spot comfortably even with a few matches left. There has even been the talk of a title challenge even though table leaders Chelsea may appear to be quite far away. Van Gaal opened his United account with only three wins from the first 10 matches. They have now achieved four straight victories in the league. Even though the possibility of winning a title looks beyond them this campaign, it will be considered as a hugely successful season if they get into the top four. United have suffered only two defeats in the league since November. Continue reading ‘Louis Van Gaal has credited his players for the revival in formrgb’

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Manchester United bad Performance due to David de Gea


In spite of all the criticism that Manchester United has been receiving in the past few weeks and months, there is somebody in the team that can be salvaged and that’s David de Gea. There is no doubt whatsoever that if it hadn’t been for the spectacular performances that the Spanish goal-keeper has displayed time after time, match after match, Manchester United would not be in the top spots of the Premier League.

It does not come as a surprise to listen rumors and news that keep spreading around claiming that top clubs such as: Real Madrid, Manchester City and Juventus are interested in signing David de Gea.

Jorge Mendes is the agent of David de Gea and the Portuguese agent has stated that he is currently negotiation a contract extension with Manchester United that would be keeping his client tied down to the Premier League club on a long term deal.

“I am negotiating with Manchester United about De Gea’s renewal. It is not true that De Gea has found a deal with Real Madrid. I’m negotiating with Manchester United his extension.” Jorge Mendes told the media. Continue reading ‘Manchester United bad Performance due to David de Geargb’

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Louis van Gaal expects better game from MU


Louis van Gaal has said that he expects Manchester United to hit the former heights in 2015.

The Dutchman watched his team only get a 0-0 draw against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. This was the final match of 2014 and one that allowed United’s rivals like Arsenal and Liverpool to close the gap on the top four. Despite this draw, Van Gaal says that he can be very happy with the way his team have improved over the last few months. After struggling with consistency in the first few months of Van Gaal’s regime, United are up into the top three going into 2015.

Even though the trail leaders by more than 10 points, Van Gaal says that he will not give up on the title unless it is mathematically impossible to win it. This has also been the opinion of many United players like van Persie, who has been in great form in the last few matches. Van Gaal was highly critical of the Premier League’s decision to give three matches in the space of a week during Christmas. He says that it has not provided his team with enough recovery time and this was one of the reasons for their poor second half performance against Tottenham.

“We are improving every week. Of course we will get better in 2015 so watch. Next season it will be a true Louis Van Gaal team.When you can’t win these type of matches when you’re the better team, it’s very difficult to be the champion at the end of the season.When you don’t reward yourself, normally the opponent wins. In the second half it wasn’t football anymore. It was a struggle for life. You also need a little fortune,” said Van Gaal after the draw with Tottenham just two days after the match on Boxing Day.

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David Moyes soon to be coach of Real Sociedad


A few days ago David Moyes was confirmed to be the new manager of Real Sociedad. The Scottish coach spent less than 1 year in charge of Manchester United after he was sacked due to disappointing and embarrassing results which concluded in a season that the Premier League club failed on winning any major trophies and losing consistently.

During the unveiling of David Moyes as the new coach of Real Sociedad, he took the chance to talk about Manchester United and Moyes hopes that Louis van Gaal can be given enough time to develop the Premier League club and turn it into the title winning team that it was some time ago.

“I still stand by what I said at the time that I was not given enough time at United to succeed or fail. I think there was nothing wrong with how we worked and everyone can see that whoever is in charge at Manchester United, it is quite a long job to do things. Nine months would never be enough time for any manager.I think everybody could see that Manchester United was job that was going to take longer to fix than maybe some people thought’’

“It’s really important now they make sure they give Louis van Gaal plenty of time to get the job done. Because that’s what is needed.” David Moyes said as he stated that coaching a big club such as Manchester United is not an easy task and it takes time for the positive results to show.

Louis van Gaal decided to step down from coaching the Netherlands national football team and take control of Manchester United and the Dutch manager has stated that this has been his toughest job in his entire career and this is coming from a man that has been in charge of top clubs such as: Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

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